Three Spots to Get Some R & R in Alexandria, Virginia

It’s not hard to see what makes Alexandria such a vibrant, bustling city. The Mount Vernon Estate, the one-time home of the nation’s first president, is located just a half hour from Alexandria. The historic cobblestone path of Old Town, on which George Washington once walked, still remains a huge draw for residents and visitors alike. In addition, only the Potomac River separates the city from the nation’s capital, which is less than a half hour’s distance from the homes at Lerner

Excelsior Tower. So when residents call the Tower and Alexandria itself a “great location,” it hardly comes as a surprise. But the bustling city shows its dynamism in the opportunities it offers its residents to rest and relax. Below are three spots for getting some R&R in Alexandria!

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Alexandria is a place of scenic, natural beauty. Its many trails provide residents the chance to walk, jog, and even hike at a pace that suits their speed. You can find one such opportunity by starting at Bike and Roll in Old Town Alexandria. Grab a bike and some pals and take a leisurely pedal to Mount Vernon! Once there, you can lock up your bike and take in the renowned museums and estate, since signing up for the trail includes entrance into Mount Vernon. Then when you’re all done, enjoy a relaxing water taxiback to Alexandria. Virginia is for lovers, after all, and the setting of the sun into the Potomac River makes for a romantic backdrop to a memorable day.“[A] lovely way to spend a sunny day in Virginia,” writes one commenter.

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With almost 1,000 acres of dedicated public space and parks, Alexandria isn’t shy about flaunting its natural appeal. Perhaps you prefer to take in its picturesque surroundings without cycling through them? If that’s the case, take a walk through Huntley Meadows Park, one of the largest in all of Fairfax County. Having recently celebrated 40 years of operation, this park boasts vibrant meadows, majestic forests, and vast wetlands bursting with life. Delight in all the Park has to offer from within an observation tower or by strolling its half-mile, wetland boardwalk trail. If you particularly enjoy the Park’s plant life or if a comfortable nap in the sun is more your speed, bring a towel and head over to East Potomac Park, less than 20 minutes from Lerner Excelsior Tower in D.C!Since spring by the Potomac is synonymous with cherry blossoms and the month-long Cherry Blossom Festival, you’ll have a tranquil, pink setting and the promise of exciting events– after you’ve gotten your rest, of course!

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The Water:

What can be more relaxing than a delicious meal and an unobstructed view of the water? Thankfully, Alexandria offers several options for waterfront dining, so you can enjoy a good rest while satisfying your appetite. One popular venue is Indigo Landing Restaurant, whose menu of seafood favorites runs the gamut from scallops to salmon to crab cakes. One commenter raves about how she and her husband “love the restaurant’s very pleasant, scenic, but low-key and unpretentious setting.” As mentioned earlier, Alexandria offers many relaxing options on the water as well. Head over to the Potomac Riverboat Company, where a restful boat ride awaits you! With your appetite now appeased, hop aboard for a relaxing cruise and tour of D.C.’s historic sights – the water’s fine!

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The best way to understand what makes Alexandria a special place to live is by experiencing the community for yourself. From trails to parks to dining and activities by and on the water, you’ll never be at a loss for things to see and do. The great news is you can enjoy some R&R amidst the natural splendor while doing so. However you choose to spend your you-time, the comfortof your retreat at Lerner Excelsior Tower, like your own personal getaway, would always be waiting for you. Its amenities include a sparkling swimming pool, a cyber lounge with WiFi access, and private balconies, just to name a few. Contact us today to learn why residents find Lerner Excelsior Tower and the surrounding Alexandria community such a relaxing place to live!

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