The Ultimate Apartment Hunting Checklist

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Deciding to move into a new apartment is one of life’s biggest decisions. You want to make sure your apartment hunting process goes as smoothly as possible, ensuring that your new apartment has everything you are looking for. You can make apartment hunting more efficient by using our ultimate apartment checklist to find the right apartment and avoid any potential nightmares.

Consider the Neighborhood

 Neighborhoods are an important factor to consider when you are apartment hunting. Figure out what you’re looking for and find a neighborhood that fits your description. If the neighborhood is not up to your standards, you won’t be able to enjoy living in your new apartment. Before moving into an apartment,also ensure your neighborhood is safe, quiet and friendly by doing the research. Check out crime rates and look for warning signs around the neighborhood, as well as find out if the area is commonly noisy. Compare your options and decide if the neighborhood is right for you.

Know the Size of the Apartment That You’ll Need

 Having adequate space is essential in your new apartment. Find out how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are and take a look at the floor plans of the apartment. This will determine if the apartment is too small, or too large for you overall.

What Amenities Would You Like to See?

 Most apartment complexes provide amenities for their residents. Consider which amenities you would like to see in your new apartment and make a list. Amenities may include anything from a fitness center, pool area or events the community puts together throughout the year. You also want to find out if the amenities are included with the price of rent.

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Do They Allow Pets?

         Having pets can be a potential issue when apartment hunting. Some apartments actually do not allow pets or have specifications on the size of pet that is permitted. If you have pets, avoid this issue by only looking for pet friendly apartments and reading pet guidelines thoroughly. If the apartment you are considering is pet friendly, there could be additional costs to your rent. Make sure you know how much extra will be added to rent each month, in order to ensure you can cover the additional charges before bringing your furry companions with you.

What About Children?

 If you have kids or are thinking about having kids in the near future, make sure the apartment complexes you are looking at allow children. Certain complexes are adult only, usually for residents who prefer to live in areas where children are not allowed to move in. Depending on what end of the spectrum you are on, always ask about the policies first before moving in.

Is it Near Shops and Other Outlets?

By knowing what is nearby your apartment, you can make a better choice on where you’d like to live.Find out more about the area by driving around town, checking out the neighborhood, or just speaking to people that currently live there. You want to make sure you love the town you’re living in and that you are close to essentials, such as your local grocery store.

Price of the Apartment

Before choosing the right apartment, it’s important to know the cost of the apartment ahead of time. You need to be able to afford your rent each month, while paying your daily expenses and bills. Create a budget plan to compare and contrast which apartments would be more affordable in the long run. It’s also important to take in to consideration the complex’s payment schedule and preferred methods of payment, in order to be prepared before moving in.

Whether you are searching for something large, or something small; there are plenty of ways to go about getting the best apartment when the time comes. If you are looking to move in a prime location with breathtaking views of the metro Washington D.C. area, look no further than Lerner’s Excelsior Tower in Alexandria, Virginia. Live just minutes from the many fine shops, dining and entertainment in Old Town Alexandria and enjoy quick transportation to the Van Dorn Metro station and beyond. If you would like more information about Excelsior Tower, please contact us at  (703) 436-5795. We look forward to hearing from you.


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