5 Reasons Alexandria is a Smart Place to Rent an Apartment

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Located within the commonwealth of Virginia sits Alexandria, a charming citythat bursts with history and activity. Without ever leaving their town, the residents of Alexandriacan enjoy shopping along the red-brick sidewalks of Old Town and seeingthe picturesque views of Mount Vernon Trail. Check out these five reasons why so many folks are choosing Alexandria as the place for their new home!

1.The Scenic and Timeless Potomac River

Residents of Alexandria love the Potomac River for its beauty and historic value. The Potomac was honored asan American Heritage Riverin 1998 for having witnessed several historic battles during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The Potomac remains a cherished landmark today.

This rivercascades in the background of the entire city and has become a beloved symbol of the area. Lovely boat tours and waterfront views draw people to this dazzling waterway. Presently, the channel is still active and flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

2. Old Town

At the waterfront of the Potomac Riverstands Old Town, Alexandria’s quaint city center. Some of Alexandria’s best restaurants, events, shopping and historical fascinations are located in Old Town, making it a fun stop for sight-seers. Residents and tourists alike can stroll the cobblestone streets or take a boat tour to experience Old Town’s vibrant energy.

Residents come to Old Town tosample local flavors at the farmers’ market or trek the picturesque Mount Vernon Trail. If you’re a history lover, be sure to visit George Washington Masonic National Memorial!

The city center mixes hotels, restaurants and boutiques with anattractive historic backdrop. People in search of a charming shopping experience can depend on Old Town for the escape they need from a long week’s work.

3.Bike the City

Alexandria’s smooth, safe, and winding streets make this city a cyclist’s dream. Hundreds of paths and trails in the area give bikers the options they need when it comes to the exercise they love. The city of Alexandria has gone to great lengths to protect their cyclists on the road. Bike racks and corrals are installed along sidewalks and near several businesses for convenient parking.

Cycle lanes are located on Cameron, Prince and Pedalton streets as well as Commonwealth Ave, Mount Vernon Ave and Braddock Road. The Mount Vernon BikeTrail is one of the most popular trails for joggers/runners/cyclists looking for a stunning view with their workout. This trail is over eighteen miles long,and passes the Arlington National Cemetery, Old Town Alexandria and ends at George Washington’s waterfront estate.

4.A Wide Variety of Restaurants and Bars

Whether you’re looking for a new dish to try or grabbing drinks with friends, Alexandria will have the venueyouseek.There are hundreds of diverse bars and restaurants within the city limits. With a rich beer history comes a circuit of the most famous homegrown pubs of the past and present. For groups in search of local flavors, The Port City Brewery offers great tours and tastings. If you’re looking for the mixologist of your dreams, try a speakeasy like Bar PX.

The Majestic Lounge, Jolley’s Restaurant and Lounge and Don Taco are a few Yelp rock starslocated in Alexandria, Virginia. Live music can be found in the Light Horse Restaurant or Murphy’s GrandIrish Pub. Whether you’re in the mood for a quiet night out or an upscale lounge, the perfect spot is not that far away!

5. Washington D.C.

Alexandria is located only seven miles from Washington D.C. An easy drive for the city’s residents, the nation’s capital is packed with fun activities for day or night! Residents of Alexandria can take a ten-minute drive and see the famous Smithsonian Museums, the White House or some of the country’s most famous monuments.

D.C. is also home to hundreds of bars, restaurants and stores that draw visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking for a show, why not visit the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts? This famous venue offers such renowned acts as the National Symphony Orchestra and Washington Opera. The National Art Gallery has everything from Matisse to Monet to Botticelli. If it’s Friday evening, you may be able to catch some jazz in the National Art Gallery’s Sculpture Garden.

Alexandria, Virginia has become the perfect place for your new apartment home. Our newly renovated, elegant high-rise community equipped with luxury amenities is the perfect place in Alexandria to call home. Be sure to give us a call today to schedule a tour of our community: (703) 436-5795.

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