5 Ways to Get Involved in Alexandria, Virginia


How to Get Involved in Alexandria

Whether you are new to the town or not, getting involved in the community you live in is a healthy, fun way to bypass your free time. Meeting new people along the way, gaining lifelong experiences, and having new memories are some of the outcomes of getting involved in the town you live in. With these ways of getting involved, you should have no problems when deciding what to do in Alexandria, Virginia.

1) – Assist in the Local Government

If politics is something that interests you and you want some things to be changed, involving yourself in the local government, such as serving on a committee board, providing your input on a city project, or even sitting in on town council meetings, is a great way to feed your political hunger. Alexandria has a strong citizen presence during their board meetings, thus showing that your voice and vote do matter, strongly influencing the outcome of the town.

2) – Volunteer

There are so many ways in which you can get involved in Alexandria, covering a wide variety of different opportunities and topics. Some of the categories available for you to volunteer in consist of: environment, children, public safety, victim services, and much more. Some of the volunteer jobs including helping out at your local library, environmental planning, and even serving as a mentor to Alexandria’s youth.

3) – Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you step outside your comfort zone and you feel awkward, that means you are doing it right. Opening yourself up to new experiences and new people opens an array of opportunities for you – while introducing new ideas that may spark your interest. Even if you get offered to do something that may sound a little “iffy” to you, go for it anyway because you never know what might happen.

4) – Shop Locally

Supporting Alexandria’s local boutiques is a great way to promote their growth and the originality of the town. Local shops tend to have their own unique products where you usually cannot find them anywhere else. Although it may be a little more expensive at times, local vendors rely on your help to keep their businesses afloat so it’s a win-win for you; you support them while also getting a unique product. If you want to take it a step further, purchase your groceries from the local farmer’s market.

5) – Organize Your Own Event

Maybe you do not feel like going out and joining a pre-existing event, or you just are not interested in anything the town has to offer. Either way, a good alternative would be to start your own event. Grab a few friends and/or family members, and start planning and organizing. Some things you could do are create a car wash, formulate a reading event at your children’s library, or even gather together some flowers and candy for your local retirement home.

Apartment Residences in Alexandria, Virginia

Getting involved in your community is a good way to assimilate yourself into your new town. Putting yourself out there may cause some awkward situations to arise, but life begins outside of your comfort zone. If you are new to the area and are looking for an apartment, the Lerner Excelsior Apartment Homes offer affordable prices and a nice, quaint living style in the gorgeous town of Alexandria. Contact us today for more information!

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